Want to geek out about animation, or just have a quick question?  Contact me at sarah@marshyart.com

A big part of my childhood involved exploring the woods and marsh by my house, and building cities in my neighbor’s sandbox.  My curiosity and love for creating fueled my passion for art.

In 2013 I completed my service in the United States Air Force and quickly hopped on a plane to San Francsico where I would attend the Academy of Art University.  While at the Academy I gained numerous skills in 2D animation, such as: storyboarding, layout design and background painting, character and effects animation, compositing, and editing.

My choice to study the different pieces of the production pipeline comes from my interest in production management and directing.  During my time at the Academy I worked on 2D short films as both an artist and lead.  After re-locating to Los Angeles in February I began working at EFilm as an assistant for post-production and restoration services.  I now work as a Production Coordinator for feature animation.

In my free time I continue to work on indie 2D animated short films, and attend training to maintain current knowledge on leading industry software and techniques.